The claim filed with AAA said Winder Towing rescued the friend’s truck, instead of the RZR, the documents said. One claim examined by investigators involved a Polaris RZR off-road vehicle towed from Sand Hollow State Park in April 2020. In a video of the tow posted to Wetzel’s YouTube channel, he was seen hauling the vehicle, court documents said — noting that AAA’s policy does not cover off-road vehicle tows.

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With over 30 years of vehicle rescue experience, this product was developed by Matt and Yankum ropes with user’s safety and the rope’s reliability in mind. The Banana is a 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ which Matt owns and drives for Matt’s Off Road Recovery. Matt has been driving the Banana since before he even thought about YouTube.

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Rope: 7/8 inch Recovery Rope for Jeeps, Trucks, and SUVs

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Jaymie is Matt’s wife, an employee of Matt’s Off Road Recovery, and a member of the crew. Matt met Jaymie when she was a teller at the bank Matt had his accounts with. When something gets done behind the scenes, Jefe likely has something to do with it. He is responsible for accounts, budget, websites, crew organization and rosters, human resources, marketing, and asset/property management. In addition, Jefe is Matt’s second-in-command and a member of the B-team along with Matt’s son Rhett.

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That means Overland’s software has to understand the geometry of the ground — including things like vegetation and mud — every step of the way, and how that affects vehicle dynamics. While these startups are applying their tech in different ways, Overland AI and Potential do share some common off-road ground. A new crop of early-stage startups — along with some recent VC investments — illustrates a niche emerging in the autonomous vehicle technology sector. Unlike the companies bringing robotaxis to city streets, these startups are taking their tech off-road. Wetzel stated he never turned in a job claim that did not have a “legitimate service” tied to it, according to court documents. The owner of the RZR told an investigator that he used his friend’s AAA membership to cover the cost of the recovery, court documents said.

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In addition to running his YouTube channel, Rudy’s Adventure and Design, Rudy welds underground safes for his employer, Underground Storage Solutions. His boss is a long time friend and lets Rudy use his shop space and tools for Rudy’s own hobby of fabrication. His primary project as of now is the Rudicon, a brown Jeep XJ from the same generation as his dad’s Banana. The Rudicon played a major role in recoveries on Matt’s Off Road Recovery before Rudy started upgrading it. “Military ground systems often need to function in unstructured, dynamic terrain.

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Randy is the 7th of 8 children, born and raised in Southern Utah. He’s a very friendly and happy person, and loves to visit with people. Randy has many talents, and, if he is unfamiliar with something, he studies and learns it until he figures it out. During his tenure on the channel, Randy drove a Tesla Model S, and worked a job installing satellite dishes.

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Both the car show donations and the pre-order car show patch proceeds will go directly to the charitable park project. To donate through the Hurricane Rotary Club, visit their website. Friends and family began to tell him he needed to start a YouTube channel and that he easily could start a business from Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House that alone. He said he did the research for nearly a year and realized people were interested in what he was doing and that it could be a business by itself. The all-abilities park will be at Dixie Springs Park in Hurricane, an existing park that has plenty of space to add the all-abilities equipment.

If it’s not recalls over shoddy building of its flagship Cybertruck then its mass layoffs and declining sales. Now, the cost of those sales drops is becoming clear, as Tesla has reportedly cut production of some models and dropped one of its most ambitious targets. Overland was spun out from Boots’ research and team involved in DARPA’s RACER (Robotic Autonomy in Complex Environments with Resiliency) program, the goal of which is to develop self-driving vehicles that can handle tough terrain. Most of the off-road companies that Autotech Ventures is investing in today are in the agricultural and construction sectors — products like autonomous mining vehicles, forklifts and tractors. Andreev says for these sectors, it’s about addressing the labor shortage while increasing productivity and making farms and construction areas safer. This week, the startup, which was founded in 2022, raised a $10 million seed round led by Point72 Ventures.