how to use binance in the us

If all else fails, a customer support rep should be able to help you access All of the VPNs on my list offer 24/7 live chat support and very responsive and helpful email support. The VPN server you’re connected to might be experiencing issues or might be blocked by Please note that buying crypto on Binance with fiat currency is not supported or allowed in some countries. Please make sure you follow your country’s laws when interacting with Binance. On the top field, you are to enter the cryptocurrency which you are exchanging and then input the amount you want to trade.

In some cases, you may be asked to provide a proof-of-address document (typically uploaded as a PDF file). stopped accepting US users in 2019 due to US regulations. Instead, it relocated all of its US users to a special version,, which specifically complies with US financial rules. Explore CoinStats without limitations and you’ll never want to go back.

How To Use Binance In The US

Initially based in China, Binance moved its operations from China due to regulatory trouble with authorities. The exchange adopted a global outlook with no actual headquarters, but in 2019, it had regulatory challenges and legal issues in the US that led to a total ban in the country. In response, the company launched Binance.US, an entity registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and strictly adhering to US laws. Binance doesn’t specifically mention the use of VPNs in its terms of use, but it implies that you shouldn’t use software that interferes with its usual operations. If you already have crypto stored somewhere else, you can transfer those funds into your new account.

In fact, I recommend using a secure VPN with to help keep your crypto wallet and your online activity secure. That said, it is against’s terms of service to use a VPN to bypass its geo-restrictions — in other words, to set up an account for a country where you aren’t a permanent resident. CyberGhost has servers in 100 countries across the globe, so there are plenty of locations to choose from for accessing And like Private Internet Access, CyberGhost also lets you purchase a dedicated IP address for a small extra fee. When I tested it, web pages loaded instantly, even when connected to a distant server.

how to use binance in the us

Use the market order feature when you want to complete your trade immediately. Learn how to trade crypto like a pro and how to protect your portfolio in the process. On local servers, web pages loaded immediately, and even on very distant servers, there was only a small delay of 2–3 seconds.

Signing up with the Binance exchange is a straightforward process requiring inputting personal details. US residents should note that the crypto exchange requires two-factor authentication (2FA) as an added layer of security for the platform. While phone numbers are a preferred method of 2FA, it’s important to remember that Binance won’t accept US phone numbers because of the regulatory roadblocks. After choosing a VPN platform, users will have to complete the registration process. Usually, this includes downloading the application or software for desktop or mobile, creating an account, and choosing the payment plan (either monthly or annually).

How To Withdraw Crypto From Binance

We recommend ExpressVPN — the #1 VPN out of over 350 providers we’ve tested. It has military-grade encryption and privacy features that will ensure your digital security, plus — it’s currently offering 49% off. Some VPNs have weak security features that reveal your true location. All of the customization options may make it difficult for beginners to navigate PIA. However, all of its apps are pre-configured, so you don’t have to fiddle with settings if you don’t want to.

  1. Use the limit order feature when you’re not in a rush to buy or sell.
  2. Plus, PIA offers dedicated IP addresses, which are static IP addresses that you don’t share with other people.
  3. This step is important because Binance will immediately restrict your access from the US.
  4. Free VPNs don’t often have the robust security and privacy features you need to protect your sensitive financial data.
  5. The total amount you will receive will be displayed in the top left corner.

Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world by transaction volumes, and the wide range of supported tokens has put it ahead of other players in the game. Still, US citizens have fewer cryptocurrencies to choose from, lower liquidity markets, and restrictions on derivatives trading compared to Binance global. Binance is banned from operating in the US after facing regulatory troubles in 2019. The exchange quickly launched Binance.US, but it falls short of the stellar services provided by the global Binance exchange. ExpressVPN’s plans are a bit pricier than others on this list, but it offers generous discounts that make it a bit more affordable. I got 3 months of extra service when I signed up for its yearly plan.

How to Use Binance in the US [The Ultimate Guide 2023]

Akash is a writer at vpnMentor dedicated to providing readers with unbiased and expert advice on online security and privacy. He specializes in analyzing the latest cybersecurity trends and providing up-to-date information to help readers make informed decisions. Level 2 requires address verification by providing a utility bill or a bank statement. This level of verification increases your fiat deposit and withdrawal limits. You have to pass at least the first level of verification to trade on Binance and use its features.

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On top of that, all of CyberGhost’s servers (including NoSpy servers) are RAM-only, so your trading and crypto wallet data are wiped on reboot. It does so by routing your traffic through one of its private servers. For example, if you connect to a VPN server in Mexico, it will appear as if you’re accessing Binance from within Mexico. Most platforms require you to verify your identity in order to access the features that will help you learn how to trade crypto. To make the process as easy as possible, assemble all the necessary information before you start.

A market order is used to make an immediate trade at the current market price. Each platform will have a different process for initiating a transfer, so take the time to research the steps before getting started. To buy crypto, first fund your account with fiat currency —  government-backed money such as U.S. dollars. Take the time to assemble several valid documents before you start in order to streamline the verification process. I would pick a reasonably-priced VPN instead, like the VPNs on my list.

The total amount you will receive will be displayed in the top left corner. A confirmation message will appear for you to confirm your request, after which your transaction will be processed and your money will be transferred to your fiat wallet. You can use an ID, a passport, or a driver’s license, depending on the country. After this, you’ll be required to take a selfie or upload a picture to complete face verification. Advanced verification will require you to upload proof of address either from your bank statement or a recent utility bill.

Using a reputable VPN provider with all the necessary features will be sufficient for users to circumvent the requirements of the firewall and access all platform features. A VPN works by hiding the IP address of users by rerouting traffic through a configured remote server, making it impossible for firewalls to stop users’ access. VPNs also provide additional security through anonymous IP addresses and military-grade encryption.

I also like that ExpressVPN has split tunneling, a feature that lets you add and exclude certain apps from your VPN tunnel. This is very convenient if you only need the VPN to access but wish to still use your local network for the rest of your apps without having to disconnect from the VPN. The transaction will show “pending payment” till the buyer makes payment and it indicates that receipt is confirmed. has fewer features, higher fees, and a lot fewer crypto options — offers lets you exchange 500+ cryptocurrencies, while only offers 50+. CyberGhost achieves this without compromising on speed, security, or going overboard with its pricing. CyberGhost VPN secures your data with unbreakable 256-bit encryption and operates NoSpy servers to keep your transactions safe.

They all have very affordable plans and come with a money-back guarantee, so you can try them out risk-free. Your browser sometimes stores information about your location, and if that information conflicts with your new location while connected to a VPN, it might cause to deny you access. One minor downside of CyberGhost is that its split-tunneling feature is pretty limited. It’s only available on Android, and it only provides app-based split-tunneling. That said, its Windows app has an Exceptions tool, which lets you exclude specific websites from the VPN tunnel. The US has a special version of the site,, which has a much smaller crypto selection compared to the international version of the site.